Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thank-You Links

Before closing this blog I want to thank the other nice bloggers who have linked to this one and sent me many visitors. I apologize if I am leaving anyone out, these are just the blogs that I noticed sent me many many visitors. I did not make a complete list of every blog that has linked to mine, sorry. But thanks to everyone who linked to this and forwarded the link by email this blog has gotten over 7,000 visits since the end of March! I am proud but also a little frightened of that. I do not know what to think!

Blogs in English:



Renegade Rebbetzin

Chayyei Sarah


My Urban Kvetch

Seraphic Secret

Kingdom By The Sea

Blogs in Hebrew:

"Rak Kidei Lihair" . . . . A 30-year-old single Israeli woman . . . . I am sorry I cannot find the specific page that has the link but I noticed that hundreds of people came from this site so I am listing them out of hakarat hatov.


Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...


Please reconsider closing this blog. Your writings have touched many of us, in more ways than you can imagine. Your searing honesty and brutal openness concerning the challenges you deal with resonates with the struggles I also face.

Maybe (to paraphrase Mordechai) Hashem put you here to help us through our difficult times. You have inspired me to face up to my similar challenges.


4/10/2005 12:03:00 PM  
Blogger n.v. said...

Nice Jewish Girl -- don't go.

4/10/2005 12:24:00 PM  
Blogger Shadchun said...

I have opened my site specifically to blow open this subject. i have spent a hugh amount of time, energy, and money to create a site where we are going to unify and network qualified shadchunim thru a unique database online.

your site is the only blog site i have put on my site meanwhile. for the reasons mentioned above and more. It is a shining light for many and bringing hope for many.

shadchun (hasidicrebbele)

4/10/2005 07:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Frank Reiss said...

I too would be upset if you were to so suddenly leave. You have provided a very beautiful vibe to the frum community, to those who are mature and have an open mind.

You have done alot for me as I am going through hard times on a different level, and since reading your blog, I have made major positive steps in working through my problems, including, being very open about my problems, in a solutions oriented way w/ people in the community that I came into contact w/ both immediate people that I know a long time, and new people that I met through my part time laboring.

Of course, we cannot force you to stay. If you feel that you must leave, we will understand and continue to love and pray for you.

You are indeed an Aishes Chayil.

4/10/2005 09:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best. Truly.

TM (

4/11/2005 01:24:00 PM  

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